Honestly I’m tired as shit and I don’t feel like typing an article this week so I’m just gonna give it to you straight.


- block of Uni
- couple sacs of Tarako (Salted Cod roe)
- heavy cream
- Tablespoon of butter
- pasta
- 2 eggs (optional)
- Shiso leaves and nori (for garnish)

Start by cooking pasta of your choice - I used Fettuccine.

Scrape Tarako eggs out of the sac and set aside. Tarako

Prepare two medium egg yolks and set aside. Blend about 3 tablespoons of uni with half a cup of heavy cream with an immersion blender or in a small blender.

Uni and TarakoUni and Tarako

Heat butter on a frying pan on low/medium heat until melted then add in tarako making sure to break up the eggs and cook evenly.


Once the eggs change color, pour in the blended uni heavy cream mixture and turn heat to low. Stir until mixture is near simmering.


Add cooked pasta into mixture and stir. Turn off heat, remove pan from fire and slowly add egg yolks in while stirring. Add salt to taste but should be relatively salty if you used enough Tarako.

Garnish with chopped Shiso leaves and sliced nori (seaweed). Top with pieces of remaining uni. Optionally sear some seafood like scallops, squid, or shrimp, to accompany the dish. I’ve used Japanese Hotaru Ika (Firefly Squid) here.


Now gtfo to the next post.